Fairywings is closing! Order now! 
Dear customers
Fairywings is closing and I won´t produce new Flags and Poi any more. But at the Moment you can still order the last models and colors.
Please order  the last available sets now in my webshob and let other people know about this last chance.
For Performers: We are using Fairywings in our own UV- and LED-Shows with great successs. We can attest to the great effect of the Giant Wings-Series on stage! 

Thank you all for your support, your Feedback, your Trust.
Thanks for playing with FairyWings and making the world brighter! It means so much to me to see iridescent organza flying trough the air!!
For about 20 years I developed and made Fairywings with much love. But now new projects are waiting for me.
We are working on our new show project and website www.ohwow.show
Thanks again and please stay in touch
Love, Anya


We sell high quality hand made FairyWings Flags and Poi. Our products have been developed and improved over many years by Anya Hübschle, a professional seamstress with a passion for performance. FairyWings flags and poi are bound to impress with superior balance, aerodynamics and beautiful design.


Our products cater for beginners and professionals, and are made to bring recreation, joy and bliss to all.
Order your next favourite toy today ! ;- 


What are flags and poi?

Poi (also called pois, sockpoi, firepoi,) are in principle two weights on cords – one for each hand – that you spin skillfully around your body.

There are very many different kinds of poi, even those for playing with fire or LED like Flowtoys or Glowballs or Poi that glow due to UV-active material in black light.

FaeryWings (also called flags, Flag Poi, elves wings, veil poi, swinging veils,) are also Poi, only that they come in the form of a flag, which gives a special feeling and is visually very beautiful.

  • FairyWings are a great way to learn the art of Poi, as they make it easier to visualize patterns and shapes
  • Fairywings are a flag of shimmering organza that float around you as you spin them
  • The big surface helps you to control the planes and concentrate on the timing of your spinning.
  • FairyWings are also good for slow, gracefull or dramatic dancing
  • Partnerpoi moves and group choreography with Fairi Wings look just stunning!


Playing with Poi is an art that comes from the Maori in New Zealand. It has spread around the world in the last 20 years and is becoming more and more popular.
Playing Poi belongs together with staff, swings and other toys to the family of Spinning Arts, a subcategory of juggling.
Playing Poi or Flags is great fun, you can experience a meditative flow and promote the coordination of both hemispheres of your brain.

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