Fairywings are a new and unique form of Poi Flags that I developed.

They are made of shiny and transparent Organza Material and lots of other special glittering stuff and a touch of fairy dust that makes them shine and sparkle in sunlight or stagelight.

They are weighted carefully so they fly smoothly, effortlessly and don't make the usual flapping sound.

A special part at the top and a strong swivel help prevent tangling and make it easy for you to get into a smooth flow.

Fairywings help you to control your planes spin slower and more gracefully.
Each pair comes in a beautiful organza carrybag as well as with comfortable, durable Leather handles in a suitable colour to complement the flags. 

I offer the Fairywings in 5 different Models in many different colours, aswell as in uv-reactive colours.
I am sure there is the right one for you!

 Please note:

These Flags are as beautiful and as fragile as Faerie wings ….Be nice to them and treat them with care.

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